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An AI-Enabled Future

Artificial Intelligence’s Many Uses

Clinical Diagnosis


The Neuron Storage™ platform is envisioned to act as a knowledgeable clinical assistant, augmenting the physician by finding the key, relevant data needed to best care for patients and present this information in a concise, easily understood format. When paired with the right diagnostic software tool, our platform has a key role to play in transforming and revolutionizing diagnostic medicine.

In the realm of AI, healthcare is the next frontier of research and development. Notably, AI looks to play a transformative role in how doctors systematically go about diagnosing and treating their patients. 

We are very close to a reality where a doctor asks their patients about their symptoms and past medical history, performs a physical exam, and inputs their findings into a computerized database. Within a few seconds, a diagnostic AI system pulls up all of the patient’s medical records, compares them to similar patients, and generates a predicted diagnosis and treatment plan for the doctor to use at their own discretion. The doctor then compares the computer-generated results with their own professional evaluation. They go ahead and make an official diagnosis and discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan with the patient. This is the future of clinical medicine diagnosis. 





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