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An AI-Enabled Future

Artificial Intelligence’s Many Uses

Military Intelligence and National Security


Neuron Storage™ can be trained to assist our intelligence community in detecting and reacting to malicious cyber threats at a moment’s notice. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protects user data from bad actors attempting to gain access to your system with malicious intent. Utilizing the Neuron Storage™ hardware platform to power AI software programs, operators can be assured red flags will be alerted with little-to-no delay as even seconds delay can cost the lives of our men and women in uniform.

AI continues to be vital to the U.S. intelligence community in support of the counter-terrorism campaigns. Computer vision and machine learning allow intelligence cells to effectively sift through visual footage captured by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and automatically target hostile activity. 

This alleviates the need to spend hours manually sifting through videos to discover actionable information. More specifically, IARPA is developing algorithms for multilingual speech recognition and translation in noisy environments, geo-locating images without the associated metadata, fusing 2-D images to create 3-D models and building tools to infer a building’s function based on the pattern-of-life analysis. Neuron Storage™ immense raw power would be able to accomplish these tasks at lightning-fast speeds and pinpoint accuracy.





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