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Frequently Asked Questions

Our AI products at Deeply Human, Inc. primarily serve to automate and enhance decision-making processes across various industries. Using advanced algorithms, our AI can analyze data, identify patterns, and make predictions, recommendations, or decisions, reducing the need for human intervention and increasing efficiency.

Our product roadmap focuses on continuously enhancing NeuronStorage’s capabilities and expanding into new market segments. We plan to invest in R&D for improving our machine learning algorithms, developing features for personalization, and improving our products’ integration with enterprise cloud-based platforms. Additionally, we aim to extend our products into sectors such as healthcare, finance, and autonomous machines.

NeuronStorage is a highly scalable solution. It can handle increasing amounts of data and complexity without compromising on performance. Whether a customer is a startup with potential for rapid growth or a large enterprise looking to integrate AI across multiple departments, our solutions can be adjusted and expanded to meet the evolving demands.

NeuronStorage differentiates itself through its unique combination of machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and high speed storage. This allows our AI to better understand, learn, and adapt to human interactions. Furthermore, we focus on creating ethical AI with a transparent decision-making process that users can understand and trust.

Deeply Human, Inc. aims to deploy a multi-channel sales strategy to broaden market reach. Direct sales efforts will target key enterprise accounts, while an e-commerce platform will cater to the self-service market segment. Partnerships will play a crucial role, with collaborations planned with Value-Added Resellers, System Integrators, and Original Equipment Manufacturers to provide tailored solutions, integration services, and to expand product reach, respectively. This strategy allows for a diverse customer base while leveraging the strengths of each sales channel.

In terms of the AI chip market, the industry will boom to a $112B market with an CAGR of 36%.

Deeply Human™ will capture this market by minimizing R&D costs through various strategy avenues. This approach results in significant financial savings, allowing better resource allocation towards critical development components and major investor value. Alongside this, the company also focuses on optimizing operational efficiency through various growth optimizing strategies, ensuring effective cost management while delivering a high-quality product.