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NeuronStorage™ Chipset


Our cutting-edge NeuronStorage™ Chipset sets a new standard for data management with its unique fusion of expansive M.2 flash memory and an inventive design that consolidates an AI Storage Server and a NAS within a compact, phone-sized module. This pioneering device eradicates system bottlenecks and mitigates latency, providing unparalleled performance right at the forefront of data handling. It incorporates a unique stacking structure that promises outstanding scalability, ideal for increasing storage demands.
NeuronStorage Chipset
Adding to its robust features, multi-path redundancy and Dual-RAID protection boost system durability, thereby enhancing the reliability of your data infrastructure.
One of the defining features of the NeuronStorage™ Chipset is its modular, hot-swappable design. This design ensures uninterrupted operation, allowing for effortless replacement or upgrade of components without impacting the system's running state. The NeuronStorage solution embodies a union of innovation and efficiency, set to become a critical component in the evolution of data infrastructure. Step into the future with NeuronStorage™—where technology facilitates simplicity and performance.


Combines AI Storage Server and NAS capabilities in a phone-sized module, saving space without sacrificing functionality.


Enhanced Performance

Eradicates bottlenecks and reduces latency for optimal data processing and access speed at the data’s edge.



Provides scalability via a unique stacking design and ensures data safety with multi-path redundancy and Dual-RAID protection.



Offers a modular, hot-swappable design for seamless maintenance and upgrades without system disruption.

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Industry Applications

Discover how our innovative NeuronStorage™ chipset can revolutionize various industry applications. This section hopes to demonstrate the chipset’s versatility and its potential to redefine data infrastructure across diverse sectors.

Uses and Benefits


Aerospace navigation
In the Aerospace industry, our NeuronStorage™ chipset serves as a compact powerhouse, offering advanced trajectory analytics, heightened access for complex AI simulations, real-time telemetry, and flight data analysis. Its low latency and superior performance enhance mission-critical operations, while its robust resilience features ensure data security in the most demanding environments.


Medical Imaging
Deeply Human hopes to revolutionize data management with its high-speed access to massive volumes of data. By enabling medical practitioners real-time patient monitoring, complex image processing, research data analysis, and health record management we're giving our providers critical data analytics to continue to provide the highest standards of privacy and patient care.

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