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AI Driven storage

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Cutting Edge AI Driven Storage

Deeply Human Products

NeuronStorage™ is an unprecedented amalgamation of cutting-edge AI inference engines, including NPUs and GPUs, and progressive storage system technologies such as DMA and RAID.

This synergy results in a dynamic platform that champions speed and efficiency, drastically enhancing data processing and transfer while limiting CPU intervention. Harnessing the power of industry-standard deep learning frameworks, NeuronStorage™ stands shoulder to shoulder with technology pioneers like Tesla, Meta, & IBM.

Deeply Human fully expects NeuronStorage™ to be at the heart of future autonomous vehicle technologies, medical research, & data analytics. 2

NeuronStorage™ Chipset

Our revolutionary NeuronStorage™ Chipset pairs massive M.2 flash memory with an ingenious design that melds an AI Storage Server and a NAS into a compact, phone-sized device.


SynapseSync™ is at the heart of our technology, an innovative solution that reimagines data communication and storage scalability. It facilitates seamless interactions within the system, bringing a new level of efficiency and adaptability to your data infrastructure.

SynapseSync™ Accelerator

Our AI Accelerator Cards, will integrate with one or more NS™ chips, bringing a new dimension to processing power and speed—think of Nvidia but designed for the next era of AI.

A Deeper Look At Our Technology

Technology Platforms

Our hardware solution leverages proven AI technologies to provide the ultimate AI hardware platform to power AI application software.