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SynapseSync™ Accelerator


Our SynapseSync Accelerator Cards, will integrate with one or more NS™ chips, bringing a new dimension to processing power and speed—think of Nvidia but designed for the next era of AI. In traditional SAN environments, data is accessed via network switches, which can introduce latency and bottleneck issues due to data traffic congestion. Furthermore, as data volumes grow, expanding a SAN can become increasingly complex and costly.
SynapseSync™ Cards feature our signature NS™ chip nestled amidst terabytes of flash storage on a versatile PCIe card to overcome these limitations by offering massive, localized storage capacity directly on a PCIe card, eliminating the need for data access to traverse a network. This design significantly reduces latency and increases data transfer speeds.
Moreover, the RAID functionality within each card increases data redundancy, ensuring that data is secure and readily available, thereby reducing the risk of data loss compared to traditional SAN switches. The modular and hot-swappable design of our cards allows for seamless system expansion and maintenance without system disruption, offering an advantage over the more cumbersome scaling process associated with traditional SAN environments.
These cards will redefine compact storage solutions by offering RAID functionality within a single, highly efficient device. Experience the revolution in AI and storage with our AI Accelerator and SynapseSync™ Cards—where innovation meets efficiency.


Seamlessly combines AI processing and high-capacity storage, boosting data center performance and efficiency.



Localized AI accelerator and storage significantly reduces latency, enabling rapid data access and processing.



Enables direct card processing, reducing system-wide data movement and enhancing overall performance.


Raid Ready

Unique feature offering enhanced performance, increased data redundancy, and fault tolerance for reliable advanced storage.

Self Driving
How this product will be used

Industry Applications

The SynapseSync Accelerator Card’s integration of AI acceleration with large-capacity storage has the potential to drive significant advancements in both data analytics and broad research applications. Its features allow for faster, more efficient processing and analysis of large datasets, making it a valuable tool for a wide range of industries and research fields.

Current and Potential Use

Data and Analytics

Predictive Analytics
NeuronStorage will spearhead a new paradigm in data analytics. With the performance, scalability, and efficiency to acquire meaningful insights from volumes of disparate sets of data, partners will be able to improve decision making, identify market trends, & solve their unique critical business issues.

Broad Research

AI & Genomic Research
With NeuronStorage, research programs across the board will be able to apply machine learning and natural language algorithms to increase the efficacy in fields like novel drug discoveries, formulate workable models for climate change, and many more!

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