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A Deeply Human Solution


Our vision is to create a platform that makes AI less artificial and more intelligent. Thus, we are developing what we call the “NeuronStorage™” architecture, modeled after the intricacies and interconnectivity of the human brain.

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NeuronStorage™ is an unprecedented amalgamation of cutting-edge AI inference engines, including NPUs and GPUs, and progressive storage system technologies such as DMA and RAID.


Resilient hardware protects AI systems and data from unexpected events.


Neuron Storage™ hardware accelerates data processing with specialized resources.


Deeply Human’s AI hardware solutions combine the speed of flash storage with the power of AI to deliver high performance at low cost.


Our flash-hybrid AI storage hardware is a cost effective and highly scalable solution for any AI workload.

A Deeply Human Journey

Our Story

With over 190 years of combined executive leadership, ASIC hardware design experience, high finance, and software development experience, Deeply Human’s leadership developed a innovative approach to empowering AI solutions. By combining established flash storage technology with burgeoning AI engines, our uniquely patented NeuronStorage™ was born.

Work With Us

At Deeply Human, we invite all passionate and talented individuals to join us in shaping this groundbreaking technology.  We look forward to receiving word from you to drive unprecedented value in the AI landscape. Reach out to us today!